Literature review of pumpkin

Literature review of pumpkin

Literature review of pumpkin

Literature review of pumpkin

Ezeji and Ojimelukwe created a weaning mix using fluted pumpkin seed flour with Bambara ground nuts and fermented millet seed. A high-density pumpkin genetic map was constructed, which was used to successfully anchor and orient the assembled genome scaffolds, and to identify QTLs highly associated with pumpkin vine length. History and botanical classification of fluted pumpkin. The Company conducts research in the field of chemistry as it.

This book also describes the history and uses of the pumpkin. Physico-chemical properties of fluted pumpkin Fluted pumkin Telfairiaoccidentalis is a tropical plant grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and. Students will be able to see how pumpkins grow. Literature Review on Pumpkin in Sierra Leone Ezeji and Ojimelukwe created a weaning mix using fluted pumpkin seed flour with Bambara ground. The Company conducts research in the field of chemistry as it concerns the science and technology of sulfur and its compounds with particular emphasis.

You should deny access to the. Although fruit consumption does not seem to be associated with a lower lung cancer risk, only the frequent consumption of specific green leafy vegetables and other vegetables might be associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer. Si quieres beneficiar a todo un pueblo EDUCALO botellazo. Recent versions of the story usually feature lobster, but the vast majority of accounts prefer salmon. James Garner, the understated, wisecracking everyman actor who enjoyed multigenerational success on both the small and big screens, has.

Medicinal Properties of Pumpkin Most papers on the medicinal properties of pumpkin are based on the use of the oil extracted from the seeds. To view the appendices, please download the PDF above.

That is why I would read the book aloud to younger students. About Cover Letter Template The resume letter must. This book would be useful in a science classroom. One group would read about the pumpkin life cycle, one would read about the history of Halloween, and the last group would read about Thanksgiving. Literature Review on Pumpkin in Sierra Leone PDF , 1 MB of leafy vegetables, including pumpkin leaf, when the deficiencies are relatively low.

Not all students would know what the words are. Fluted pumpkin, Telfairia Fluted pumpkin,Telfairia occidentalis: However, most are of limited or no relevance to the HKI-SPRING objectives. Fluted pumpkin belongs to the leafy green family. Anti-medicinal Properties of Pumpkin There are a number of papers on allergies with pumpkins, but these primarily concern chemicals in the skin of the fruit rather than consumption of the flesh.

Literature Review such as bark, stalks, leaves, fruits, roots, flowers, pods, seeds, stems, latex, hull and fruit. They will also learn the reason why pumpkins are used during those celebrations. Mips statements to c statement Storing and Processing the Fruit Jaswir et al.

Syt And we are now men, and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner, not cowards fleeing before a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors, obeying.

Si quieres beneficiar a todo un pueblo EDUCALO botellazo 19 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite RT nikeimjen: Read full-text Even in developing countries, pumpkin is a staple food and a rich source of fat, iron, calcium and vitamins [3].

Holiday House Number of pages: Pumpkin powder added at 20 percent significantly increased protein, fibre, carbohydrate, and antioxidant levels, while maintaining good sensory qualities. Portions not contributed by visitors are Copyright Tangient LLC. Several medicinal uses of the fluted pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis.

Consumer reports honda crv Heavy Metals, Soil, Fluted Pumpkin Leaf, Surface Water, Umuebulu. It is possible that Agusi, which is grown for its seeds, may be something else.

This book could also be used in a social studies class. A set of F2 plants derived from the cross of pumpkin inbred lines Rimu and SQ were genotyped using the genotyping-by-sequencing approach. However, work by van der Hoeven et al. Literature review on fluted pumpkin pdf Rating 5stars – reviews Literature review on fluted pumpkin pdf Date: Received 1st August of literature on the nutritional composition of.

All the stories have in common some group of people who have no control over their food choices, people who have. OPEN ACCESS Peer Reviewed Telfairia occidentalis is a tropical vine grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. The shoot and leaves of fluted pumpkin are rich in Ca and Fe. Fluted Pumpkin leaves on Literature review on fluted pumpkin pdf Date: Processing of fluted pumpkin Periodicals Literature.

If I were working with younger kids I would read the book aloud just because there is quite a bit of higher level vocabulary that is being used. Freeze drying retained more nutrients than oven drying and g of freeze-dried weaning food provided an adequate amount of the recommended daily allowance RDA of vitamin A for infants. Using this map we were able to anchor 58 assembled scaffolds that covered about Students would need some knowledge about plants to understand all of the vocabulary.

Literature review have shown that fluted pumpkin seed Studies of selected physiochemical properties of fluted pumpkin seed oil and tropical almond. Flowering, pollination and fruiting in fluted pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis This article describes detailed medicinal values of fluted pumpkin leaves! Review of Nutrition 7, Staking Methods, Fluted Pumpkin, Growth and Yield, Asaba Nigeria.


Literature review of lean

Literature review of lean

Literature review of lean

Literature review of lean

The study provides a taxonomical and integrated review of articles, puts up perspective into the conceptualisation and various critical parameters for research.

The study results shall help researchers, academicians and professionals to focus on the growth, pertinence and research developments in the LP system field. External, objective, apolitical, and experienced catalysts andconsultants are used to help navigate, find direction, and implement plans.

Every employee has personal objectives that tie to the vision. Most organizations today are going through a stage where there is a necessity to respond the rapidly changing customer needs. Emerald Group Publishing Limited Abstract: Employees are trained and learn new skills. Commitment to See It Through Plans do not get derailed at the signs of resistance or difficulty. PDF Abstract The purpose of this paper is to perform the analysis of literature review of lean production LP.

For a better experience, please download the original document and view it in the native application on your computer. The CEO is highly visible to all. Solutions to problemsare found and implemented. High Employee Involvement All employees participate heavily in achieving team-based performance objectives. This was followed by interviewingof the relevant and key personnel involved in lean implementation.

If something does not work, something else is tried. Strong Leadership The CEO drives the change process, leading the organization to greater heights. To sustain their place in the market, many organizations have started following the lean manufacturing concept. The Right Attitude Hidden personal agendas in top and middle management are cast aside to makeroom for a major collective effort. Our society teaches this.

Peer pressure makes thingshappen. Teams evolve to self-management. All participate incontinuously improving personal, team, and organization performance. Ownership of Change by a Vast Majority of Employees High employee involvement in problem solving, finding solutions, and implementingthem creates authorship and ownership of the process. Then, the suggestions for the future scope of research possibilities and development are identified. The articles are classified by: Permanently Empowered Employees Decisions are driven downward to the team level on a permanent basis, not a specialproject or temporary basis.

Continuous Catalytic Activity at the CEO Level Executives realize they do not have the objectivity, skills and experience to enactradical change.

Findings — Several critical factors that determine the success of implementing theconcept of lean manufacturing within SMEs are identified. The following success factors seem to be consistent in organizations who radicallytransform themselves: Methodology of the research: Individualism is not lost in the team environment, but reinforced. Leadership, management,finance organizational culture and skills and expertise, amongst other factors; are Footer Menu.

Extensive Education and Training at all Levels Most employees, including upper and middle management, have been conditionedover the years to be individuals and stars. A Shared Vision A well articulated vision of where the organization will be in three to five years,expressed in specific performance outcomes, cascades throughout the organization.

The analysis involved studying research articles published from to in selected 24 operations research journals. Substantialinvestments are made to reduce non-value added time on the shop floor and in theoffice. The fundamental concept of lean manufacturing is to provide a quality product while also ensuring that the product does not cost too much to the customer.

Courses in dealing withpersonality differences, team building, stress management, conflict management,and many others can go a long way in getting people to work cohesively. Critical Success Factors for Change ManagementWhat is it that successful organizations have that makes the difference?

Critical success factors for lean implementation within SMEsAuthor s: The objective of this article is to understand the concept of lean manufacturing, its philosophy, various tools and techniques, lean implementation benefits and barrier towards lean implementation. Each has a direct effecton the outcome, and a well-defined personal stake in achieving the vision.

Allleverage areas are linked and the plan is structured in manageable phases. Many factors contribute to lean success; not only is it mandatory to implement most of the lean tools, but an organization’s culture needs transforming too. Companies following lean manufacturing have better flexibility and a good market share.

The companies’ practices were observed to highlight the degree of leanmanufacturing utilization within these companies.

He sets the direction, and the priorities. Problems are anticipated and directly addressed. Contributions are sincere, not politicized. They simply donot know how to behave as team members should.

Problems arediagnosed and solved through teams that run their own operation. Lean manufacturing utilizes a wide range of tools and techniques; the choice of tools is situation specific. Team leaders providedirection, priorities, and facilitation to the team. Teamsmanship is real, not feigned.

Layers of management that get in the way of fastdecisions are removed, and accountability rests with the team. There is no substitute for a strong leader. Lots of Guts A willingness to take risks and attack sacred cows to achieve substantial results isprevalent. Motivation is provided by thevision, strong leadership, team involvement, and reward systems that reflectachievement of the vision. The focus ison quality, cost, delivery, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, lean manufacturing produces an operational and cultural environment that is highly conducive to waste minimization.

A Comprehensive and Systematic Approach A comprehensive master plan is created that addresses key integrated leverageareas: In addition,courses in process mapping, set-up reductions, statistical process control, etc. Results wereanalyzed and validated through workshops, case studies and Delphi techniques. The theme is “get on board, or get out of the way. Financial Resources Equipment and staffing is provided as part of the master plan.

Consensus at the Top The CEO and first reports agree wholeheartedly on the need for dramatic change, andall work together in defining the vision and the resources required for success.

Limitations of the research paper

Limitations of the research paper

Limitations of the research paper

Limitations of the research paper

You need to not only describe these limitations but to offer reasons why you believe data is missing or is unreliable. Michael and Matthew B. Confounders include environmental factors, neglected differences between subjects, and unexpected changes during the experiment. A small measure of humility goes a long way! Bias is usually negative, though one can have a positive bias as well, especially if that bias reflects your reliance on research that only support for your hypothesis.

This is because explaining the limitations of your research and justifying the choices you made during the dissertation process demonstrates the command that you had over your research.

Keep in mind that acknowledgement of a study’s limitations is an opportunity to make suggestions for further research. She lists that confounder as a limitation in her report. This should significantly strengthen the quality of your Research Limitations section.

Another Writing Tip Negative Results are Not a Limitation! Possible Methodological Limitations Sample size — the number of the units of analysis you use in your study is dictated by the type of research problem you are investigating. A scientist who suffers such problems will likely report it in his paper, citing them as limitations. Always double check your spelling. If this is the case, though, the limitation should be reiterated at the conclusion of the section.

But small differences, such as lifestyle and genetic factors can skew the effects of the drugs on the subjects. Always acknowledge a study’s limitations. In addition, since the assessment of the pretest and post test was conducted by the author herself, it is unavoidable that in this study, certain degree of subjectivity can be found.

Negative evidence refers to findings that unexpectedly challenge rather than support your hypothesis. Read more Feb 03 By Stephanie Gutnik Content Market A underlying goal of scholarly research is not only to show what works, but to demonstrate what doesn’t work or what needs further clarification.

Aguinis, Hermam and Jeffrey R. Try similar keywords, for example: This is the place to explain: This is because it prevents you from making generalisations about the population you are studying e. THE FORWARD LOOKING MOVE Suggesting how such limitations could be overcome in future Finally, the forward looking move builds on the reflecting move by suggesting how the limitations you have discuss could be overcome through future research.

In this experiment, the room the lab rats are kept in is a confounding factor. If one thing you are reporting in your study is the volume of bacteria, you will have to estimate the height and multiply it by the observed area to get a volume.

If you determine that your study is seriously flawed due to important limitations, such as, an inability to acquire critical data, consider reframing it as an exploratory study intended to lay the groundwork for a more complete research study in the future. Statements about a study’s limitations should not be buried in the body [middle] of the discussion section unless a limitation is specific to something covered in that part of the paper.

This includes things such as only using one theory to interpret the data, analyzing data from a specific disciplinary perspective or using only certain existing research to reach a conclusion regarding the data collected. Therefore, in this first announcing move, we would recommend that you identify only those limitations that had the greatest potential impact on: Let’s take the example of potential limitations to your sampling strategy.

Even if you used a quantitative research design, but failed to employ a probability sampling technique, there are still many perfectly justifiable reasons why you could have made such a choice.

Note that, if you have specific questions about how to write a research paper, you should always seek advice from your professor before you begin. One thing that can really limit a study and frustrate a scientist, especially in well-designed experiments, is the confounder. A key objective of the research process is not only discovering new knowledge but to also confront assumptions and explore what we don’t know.

Fluency in a language — if your research focuses on measuring the perceived value of after-school tutoring among Mexican-American ESL [English as a Second Language] students, for example, and you are not fluent in Spanish, you are limited in being able to read and interpret Spanish language research studies on the topic.

Longitudinal effects — unlike your professor, who can literally devote years [even a lifetime] to studying a single topic, the time available to investigate a research problem and to measure change or stability over time is pretty much constrained by the due date of your assignment.

For example, you regret not including a specific question in a survey that, in retrospect, could have helped address a particular issue that emerged later in the study. If you’re unsure whether you can complete your research within the confines of the assignment’s due date, talk to your professor. Yet Another Writing Tip A Note about Sample Size Limitations in Qualitative Research Sample sizes are typically smaller in qualitative research because, as the study goes on, acquiring more data does not necessarily lead to more information.

JLC tutors see each student as a holistic learner, paying attention to the importance of cognition as well as to the emotional aspects of learning. Depending on the currency or scope of your research topic, there may be little, if any, prior research on your topic. Instead, failing to write a limitation study compromises the validity of the research. For example, it may have been impossible or near on impossible to get a list of the population you were studying e.

After listing the primary limitations, describe limitations that are specific to the research that is being conducted.

If serious limitations do emerge, consult with your professor about possible ways to overcome them or how to revise your study. Dartmouth College; Writing the Experimental Report: Studies usually have at least one limitation that makes some aspects of their results less likely to be accurate, such as the hypothesis not being proved though it might be true, the introduction of bias, a necessity to rely on estimates for some data, or limitations on the scope and applicability of the study.

Acknowledging such limitations should not be viewed as a weakness, highlighting to the person marking your work the reasons why you should receive a lower grade. Note that, if your sample size is too small, it will be difficult to find significant relationships from the data, as statistical tests normally require a larger sample size to ensure a representative distribution of the population and to be considered representative of groups of people to whom results will be generalized or transferred.

For example, a medical study involving a drug trial might be limited by the amount of participants, self-reported side effects and medical conditions that have not been diagnosed that change the effectiveness of the drug. Once in a while, a scientist might make a mistake, become ill and pause the study, or run into technical issues.

Be sure, though, to specifically explain the ways that these flaws can be successfully overcome in a new study. Review the tab in this guide for developing a research topic. These biases become apparent if they are incongruent with data from other sources. Facebook usage at a single university of 20, students from the data you have collected e. A case study at Can Tho University Huynh Minh Hien.

Labaree of the Von KleinSmid Center Library for International and Public Affairs, University of Southern California Libraries, for sharing the content of this guide. Note again that discovering a limitation can serve as an important opportunity to identify new gaps in the literature and to describe the need for further research. In any case, your results may very well be of importance to others even though they did not support your hypothesis.

Possible Limitations of the Researcher Access — if your study depends on having access to people, organizations, or documents and, for whatever reason, access is denied or limited in some way, the reasons for this need to be described. A scientist often notices a confounder only during or after the experiment. After all, you are not writing a word critical review of the limitations of your dissertation, just a word critique that is only one section long i.

Literature review of haplotyping

Literature review of haplotyping

Literature review of haplotyping

Literature review of haplotyping

Comparisons of two methods for haplotype reconstruction and haplotype frequency estimation from population data. All haplotype reconstruction methods will encounter a degree of misclassification error or uncertainty in haplotype assignments [ 7 , 81 , 83 ]. Haplotype inference by maximum parsimony. Handling missing values in population data: Compiling programs to run on new operating systems poses similar challenges.

HAPLOREC implements a Bayesian method using a Variable Length Markov Chain chain approach [ 62 ]. PHASE has been universally recognised as having several useful features, but a very slow implementation [ 51 , 55 , 58 , 60 ].

It is concluded that the selection of an appropriate haplotyping program for analysis purposes should be guided by what is known about the accuracy of estimation, as well as by the limitations and assumptions built into a program. Focusing on DNA segments in LD offers a method to overcome the challenges and errors related to haplotyping in the presence of recombination hotspots. Divergent results may be attributable to the method of accuracy measurement. Error rates of 5 per cent may bias haplotype estimates by as much as 30 per cent [ 72 ].

Genetic dissection of complex traits. Since empirical data may violate the prefect phylogeny assumption,[ 44 ] the assumption is relaxed in the ‘perfect phylogeny’ model implemented in HAPH[ 44 ] and BPPH [ 45 ]. Estimation of haplotype frequencies, linkage-disequilibrium measures, and combination of haplotype copies in each pool by use of pooled DNA data.

Genome scans and candidate gene approaches in the study of common diseases and variable drug responses. Materials and methods Identification of software Available software was identified through four means: Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. Manipulating data from one format to work with another is cumbersome and difficult. Increasing sample size may improve haplotyping accuracy in the presence of high recombination [ 39 ].

The relative power of SNPs and haplotype as genetic markers for association tests. In this comparison, Arlequin v3. PubMed Central PubMed View Article Google Scholar Ding C, Cantor CR: PubMed View Article Google Scholar Gibbs RA, Belmont JW, Hardenbol P, et al: Some of these programs deal with missing data by ignoring subjects with any missing marker data, leading to a loss of data.

The sequence of the human genome. A haplotype map project has been announced by NIH. Both Stephens et al [ 51 ]. In situations where inferred haplotypes had high reliability, biased estimates were avoided, and found to be useful for hypothesis testing [ 83 ]. Long J, Williams R, Urbanek M. Results Forty-six haplotyping programs were identified and reviewed. Additional information on the software programs discussed in this paper, links and contact information for programs, all supplemental tables, updates to existing software and newly released software are available at the following website: Gude Drive, Rockville, MD ABSTRACT A full haplotype map of the human genome will prove extremely valuable as it will be used in large-scale screens of populations to associate specific haplotypes with specific complex genetic-influenced diseases.

Finally, Arlequin [ 60 , 89 ] incorporates numerous population genetics tests. The accuracy of programs using various criteria are assessed and the programs are categorised and discussed in light of: Eur J Hum Genet. Methods based on likelihood theory: Single-molecule analysis for molecular haplotyping. The second class of likelihood algorithms are based on Bayesian estimators and Bayesian-based numerical strategies, such as Gibbs sampling [ 51 , 57 — 61 ].

Haplotype inference by pure parsimony. In rebuttal, Stephens et al [ 63 ]. Incorporating genotyping uncertainty in haplotype inference for single-nucleotide polymorphisms.

PubMed Central PubMed View Article Google Scholar Kirk KM, Cardon LR: The relative power of SNPs and haplotype as genetic markers for association tests. The programs were divided into two groups: In particular, improvements in accuracy particularly for assignments , faster run time, accommodation of larger sample sets and loci, handling missing data, incorporating association testing and identification and adjustment of haplotype estimates in the presence of genotyping error.

The findings of Niu et al. This approach is sensitive to the amount of missing data, with small decreases in accuracy with up to 2 per cent missing data becoming more noticeable at 4 per cent. Haplotype frequency estimate; HA: A simpler alternative method based on graph analysis is employed by DPPH [ 43 ]. It establishes a simple, easy-to-program, O nm2 -time algorithm that determines whether there is a PPH solution for input genotypes and produces a linear-space data structure to represent all of the solutions.

The accuracy of HAPH was maintained with up to 10 per cent missing data. PubMed Central PubMed View Article Google Scholar Li SS, Khalid N, Carlson C, Zhao LP: PubMed View Article Google Scholar Akey JM, Zhang K, Xiong M, Jin L: Using a Gibbs sampler, PHASE v1. Additionally, many of the identified web-based programs allow the user to select results sent via e-mail.

A common strategy is to genotype a subset of the study population twice, to determine error rates. The EM algorithm may occasionally miscall rare or low frequency haplotypes [ 29 , 30 , 49 , 50 ]. Cox proportional hazards survival regression in haplotype-based association analysis using the stochastic-EM algorithm. PL, a divide and conquer strategy, has been proposed as an effective method of dealing with the construction of large haplotypes [ 57 ].

As an example, consider a hypothetical population of individuals: Finally, individuals familiar with SAS and S-PLUS may be interested in the SAS Genetics module and HAPLO. PubMed View Article Google Scholar Stephens M, Smith N, Donnelly P: A related approach limits haplotype analysis to segments in LD. This structuring of LD blocks may be common in the human genome [ 16 – 18 , 65 ]. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD; Haplotype analysis with missing genotypes.

The usability of a program will also depend heavily on the researcher’s computer expertise. Methods that exploit likelihood theory can be further broken down into maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods. The assessments provided here, build on an earlier review,[ 31 ] published discussions of algorithms for haplotype analysis [ 32 , 33 ] and articles contrasting different methodologies [ 30 , 34 , 35 , 36 ].

This simple method uses the frequencies of individuals whose haplotypes are known with certainty eg individuals homozygous at every loci to draw inferences about the most likely haplotypes for individuals whose haplotypes are ambiguous, given their genotype data.

Along this framework, unphased genotype data are reduced to a ‘graph realisation problem’ and solved using metroid theory and graph analysis in GPPH, although a unique solution is not guaranteed [ 40 , 42 ]. Since empirical data may violate the prefect phylogeny assumption,[ 44 ] the assumption is relaxed in the ‘perfect phylogeny’ model implemented in HAPH[ 44 ] and BPPH [ 45 ].

Many initiatives have been put in place to facilitate relevant association studies, but the most important is the International HapMap Project IHP [ 4 ]. Finally, markers with non-random patterns of genotyping failure should be redesigned or dropped from the haplotyping set [ 57 , 80 ]. Table 1 Description of unrelated haplotyping programs, divided into four classes based on method.

Direct molecular haplotyping of long-range genomic DNA with M1-PCR. Review papers comparing specific methods and programs are also summarised. Zhang P, Sheng H, Morabia A, Gilliam TC. Software characteristics In this section, issues related to usability of programs are discussed.

PubMed View Article Google Scholar Zou G, Zhao H: Testing linkage disequilibrium between a disease and marker locus. In brief, the EM method has two parts, a likelihood function using initial parameter inputs and estimating sets of haplotypes that maximise the posterior probabilities of given genotypes.

PubMed View Article Google Scholar Zhao JH, Lissarrague S, Essioux L, Sham PC:

Literature review mentoring

Literature review mentoring

Literature review mentoring

Literature review mentoring

This desire for affiliation and acceptance from others can be met across the lifespan for those involved in youth, academic, and workplace mentoring relationships. The first and second authors were responsible for coding all studies included in the meta-analysis. Fixed-Effects Method Sub-Group Analyses Discussion Four conclusions can be reached from our findings. Mentoring relationships in graduate school. In the academic arena mentoring may have the most utility in terms of improving performance and attitudes toward school and decreasing withdrawal behavior.

Formal and informal mentorships: For studies that met the inclusion criteria but did not report usable statistics e. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not the granting agency. Some outcomes did not require disattenuation e. Mentoring at different developmental stages also tends to serve different functions or purposes.

Some of the outcomes listed in Table 1 are applicable across different types of mentoring e. Generally, larger effect sizes were detected for academic and workplace mentoring compared to youth mentoring.

We encourage additional cross-disciplinary research that uses different conceptualizations of mentoring. Differences by Type of Mentoring Some interesting differences in effect sizes were found across the three types of mentoring included in the present review. Applied Implications There are several practical implications of our findings.

The Journal of Higher Education. New directions in mentoring. By the time one enters the workforce, the transition generally focuses on developing a stable occupational self-image and finding a niche for oneself in society Levinson et al.

In such cases, confidence in the stability of the observed effect is questionable and the results should be viewed with caution Rosenthal, The study involved a focus on traditional one-on-one non-parental mentoring relationships. A conceptual extension of the mentoring literature. Finally, the websites of several nationwide formal mentoring programs e. Eligibility Criteria The initial search process yielded 15, articles and reports.

Mentoring relationships in childhood and adolescence. The relation between self-beliefs and academic achievement: Baumeister RF, Leary MR. A Monte Carlo comparison of fixed- and random-effects methods. These problems are exacerbated with the Hunter and Schmidt technique Field, Often individuals who mentor youth or serve as informal mentors within the workplace setting do so on a volunteer basis with little or no training.

This information has implications for theory development and refinement. In fact, there is some evidence that youth mentoring leads to greater benefits when accompanied by other support services Kuperminc et al. Likewise, the Fail-Safe N analysis calls into question the stability of several mentoring-outcome relationships.

As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. David DuBois, University of Illinois-Chicago. If coefficient alpha was not reported for a study we used the average coefficient alpha for the other studies in that outcome category, as is commonly done in meta-analysis e. Who are alumni donors? Desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental human emotion. Best practices in formal youth mentoring.

Second, we operationalized mentoring as the presence or absence of a mentor. The need to belong: Youth mentoring assumes that supportive relationships with adults are important for personal, emotional, cognitive, and psychological growth Ainsworth, ; Rhodes, Allen, University of South Florida.

Mentoring is associated with positive career outcomes. Because the effect sizes associated with the three large studies was not appreciably different from the total sample and in all cases the inclusion of the three samples led to more conservative estimates smaller effect sizes , these studies were included in the sub-group analyses, where appropriate.

Sambunjak D, Straus SE, Marusic A. As such, positive correlations indicated that being mentored was associated with a higher level of each criterion variable e. Survey findings, implications, and recommendations.

Literature review for hpv

Literature review for hpv

Literature review for hpv

Literature review for hpv

The magnitude of benefit in a specific country will depend on the incidence, mortality and treatment costs of disease attributable to the HPV genotypes against which the vaccines protect, as well as on the vaccine efficacy, achievable coverage and duration of protection. AE were determined by the article investigator as possibly, probably, or definitely related to the vaccine. In fact, of the 18, participants in 9 reporting articles [ 2 , 3 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 11 , 12 , 14 , 16 ], the Efficacy of a bivalent L1 virus-like particle vaccine in prevention of infection with human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 in young women: Scarce resources include monetary capital, human capital, technology, time.

Understanding how human personality The implementation of technology in this In the present literature review, the study population consisted of 31, subjects, Christmas is about giving, not getting, and it is important to remember that.

N Engl J Med. In the aforementioned review by Roumbout et al. A detailed post-licensure plan is in place to obtain additional safety data.

Melissa Piumelli 2 Introduction: The history of vaccines and immunization: School-based programs achieved high HPV vaccination coverage rates in 9 to year-old girls across the different studies and geographic locations, suggesting non-health facility-based programs are possible for HPV vaccine introduction.

Jpn J Clin Oncol. Repeat studies, ad hoc subgroup analysis, and pooled analyses were similarly excluded [ 4 , 31 , 32 , 33 , 34 , 35 , 36 , 37 , 38 ]. Kang LW, Crawford N, Tang ML, Buttery J, Royle J, Gold M, et al. Is there a positive effect? CrossRef Google Scholar 5. Although screening is not needed to decide on eligibility for vaccination, screening will still be needed among vaccinated women, e. More studies are needed to explore the methods to standardize estimates for HPV vaccine coverage so that programs can be appropriately evaluated.

Cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccine Knowledge of the burden of disease, safety and effectiveness of HPV vaccine is not enough to decide whether to introduce HPV vaccine. Similarly, all trials were multi-center studies, with the exception of a single-institutional RCT in Hong Kong [ 10 ].

A Comparative Study Between Inox and Adlabs. Vaccine trials have been conducted predominantly in North America, Latin America and Europe and none have yet been conducted in Africa Table 2. The males randomized to the Gardasil unit experienced a statistically significantly higher rate of all-type AE The most common AE were injection-site reactions. Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccine [ 41 ].

All-type AE and injection-related AE were the only two parameters with a significantly higher rate in the HPV vaccinated subjects, whereas systemic events, serious AE, and death did not differ. The major objective of HPV vaccines are designed to be prophylactic i.

Of the 11, individuals in 7 publications reporting cumulative, all-type adverse events, the vaccinated group was statistically significantly higher than the control group, although the most common AE were injection-site reactions. Abstract School-based vaccination is becoming a more widely considered method of delivering HPV immunizations to an adolescent population; however, many countries do not have experience with delivering adolescent vaccines or school-based programs.

So I researched the ideas and found a This literature is used for and reflects the purpose of a better understanding of the issue of privacy awareness and the invasion of privacy in organizations, particularly the workplace Grade-based, compared to age-based, eligibility criteria may be easier to implement in school settings.

Research Project Assessment Type: CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar The remaining two articles reporting no difference were limited by a cohort size of less than persons [ 11 , 15 ]. Moreira Jr ED, Palefsky JM, Giuliano AR, Goldstone S, Aranda C, Jessen H, et al. Mikhail Bakhtin was born in Orel, Russia on November 17 On the other hand, systemic symptoms did not statistically significantly differ between the vaccination cohort The Value of Homework in Student Achievement.

The number of adverse events was expressed as a proportion of subjects, rather than the proportion of doses. Motivations of Consumers When Purchasing Non Deceptive Counterfeit Goods Nowadays, J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.

In this paper, I survey the literature to describe the ways Current HPV vaccines are designed to protect against HPV 16 and 18; the quadrivalent vaccine also protects against low-risk genotypes 6 and Konno R, Tamura S, Dobbelaere K, Yoshikawa H. Effect of the human papillomavirus HPV quadrivalent vaccine in a subgroup of women with cervical and vulvar disease: Joura EA, Garland SM, Paavonen J, Ferris DG, Perez G, Ault KA, et al. Countries will need to consider whether and how to use these new vaccines.

Many other HPV types were also detected and multiple infections were frequent. Since the development of Dr. Literature Review Assignment Title: Systemic events did not differ in the vaccine division Control cohorts were limited to solutions containing either A saline placebo; or B identical components to those in the vaccine, with the exception of the HPV antigens.

Efficacy of quadrivalent HPV vaccine against HPV Infection and disease in males. Healthcare promotion is defined as being the process of enabling people to increase control over; and to improve, their health. Studies to evaluate the concomitant use of the quadrivalent and bivalent vaccines with other vaccines commonly given to adolescents, such as combined diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine Tdap and meningococcal conjugate vaccine are under way.

The highest estimated incidence rates are in sub-Saharan Africa, Melanesia, Latin America and the Caribbean, south-central Asia and south-east Asia. This literature review will summarize the experiences from countries implementing non-health facility-based and health facility-based vaccination programs and assess HPV vaccine coverage. Paavonen J, Jenkins D, Bosch FX, Naud P, Salmeron J, Wheeler CM, et al.

Most clinical studies were sufficiently powered to detect a statistically significant difference between the vaccination and control cohorts, with the smallest study population of women in the RCT by Denny et al. In that study, only 35 females had suspected hypersensitivity reactions. If these remain untreated, they have a high chance of leading to cancer. Guerrero Grand Canyon University: Comparison of trial protocols for the Merck and the GSK products Table 4: They also cause epithelial growths over the vocal cords of children and adults juvenile respiratory papillomatosis or recurrent respiratory papillomatosis that require surgical intervention.

Quadrivalent vaccine against human papillomavirus to prevent high-grade cervical lesions. Int J Gynecol Cancer.

Health promotion does involve education but that is just the beginning to what we are trying to achieve. Twelve articles included AAHS or Al OH 3 placebo [ 2 , 3 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ]; however, Reisinger et al.

These results corroborate a sub-analysis by Moreira et al. Innovative methods will be needed to finance HPV vaccine introduction. Management is often included as a factor of production along with machines, materials, and money. However, true injection-site, hypersensitivity reactions occur infrequently, according a retrospective review of , doses of Gardasil administered to 12—26 year-old females in Victoria and South Australia [ 42 ].

Despite the growing safety concerns for his experimental design of a smallpox vaccine, Dr. Exposure to violence can Radha Chadha is one of the most famous CrossRef Google Scholar Hypersensitivity reactions to human papillomavirus vaccine in Australian schoolgirls: CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar 7.

PubMed Google Scholar In the RCT by Reisinger et al. NRSV Family-Centered Health Promotion March 31, Literature review of HPV vaccine delivery strategies: Clark LR, Myers ER, Huh W, Joura EA, Paavonen J, Perez G, et al.

Harper DM, Franco EL, Wheeler C, Ferris DG, Jenkins D, Schuind A, et al. Immunogenicity in other populations Table 6: Health promotion can also give the individual the tools On the other hand, systemic symptoms did not statistically significantly differ. According to the management J Obstet Gynaecol Res. CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar 3. In addition to this there would be an examination of the relationship between Tourism and managing

Light assignment

Light assignment

Light assignment

Light assignment

Illuminance Illuminance is the amount of light falling on a surface. Then leap to the tall building and navigate to the roof. Laws of reflection The laws of reflection are stated as follows: Refraction is due to a change in the speed of light as it passes from one medium to another. Interact with the car to rig the trap. Get out of his way. Karaoke Bar Hostesses and Japan-Korea Wave colour and fashion. This is done for the drivers of the cars ahead of it who will see the ambulance in his rear view mirror and find the word in proper orientation-AMBULANCE.

Once they are distracted, bolt to the car and rig it. The goal is to rig traps for a mission going on that night. The rest of the mission is talking to Spike, the GRE, and Brecken finally. Before you move any further with the traps, Crane needs to contact the GRE.

Hop off the train car and crouch beneath the fence. A giant, sledge hammer wielding zombie burst through the doors. Activate the trap and jump to the dumpster below to land safely. Make your likes visible on Facebook? Moderate contrast in the space. Create areas of high luminance on the ceiling with dark areas in between. Learn How to Light.

After receiving your mission, hop on top of the semi in the middle of the safe zone. Turn left and run to the substation. At the boundary between the media, the wave’s phase velocity is altered, usually causing a change in direction.

The incident and the reflected rays are on the opposite sides of the normal at the point of incidence and all three are in the same plane. Luckily, there is a power substation nearby. Concentrated up lighting concept Diffuse down lighting Purpose: Head for the left trap. When a ray passes from a medium to a more optically dense medium, the refracted ray bends toward the normal. The angle between the light ray and the normal as it leaves a medium is called the angle of incidence.

We call the substances that light can move through mediums. You can hop over train cars and crouch beneath fences. Wave optics concerns with explanation of observed phenomena such as diffraction, interference, and polarization by treating light as a wave. When a single electron moves from the conduction band to the valence band. Here, students can find best solutions of their physics problems and related subjects. The incident and the refracted rays are on the opposite sides of the normal at the point of incidence and all three are in the same plane.

This wave has amplitude, which is the brightness of the light, wavelength, which is the color of the light, and an angle at which it is vibrating, called polarization. As we discussed in Section , this is normally a necessary-but not a sufficient-condition for laser action. O is the point of incidence; OB is the reflected ray and ON is the normal on the reflecting surface.

Wi-Fi LAM Compatible Devices Breakthrough technology is now a feature of all FX LED fixtures with ZD Technology and Luxor controllers with Wi-Fi installed. It is your choice. Once the first light is set up, make a left and head west to find the next light trap.

Use a firecracker to lure him away from the garage he just burst from. Make sure to utilize the ramps and higher pathways. With such react number densities so near. To make you ascent easier, go around to the other side to climb a smaller building. What is electromagnetic radiation? Light emitted in only upward and downward direction. Geometrical optics treats propagation of light in terms of rays and is valid only if wavelength of light is much lesser than the size of obstacles.

Refraction is the bending of light that takes place at a boundary between two mediums having different indices of refraction. The index of refraction, n, is a ratio that compares the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in another medium.

The refractive index of a vacuum is 1. This phenomenon of changing of direction at the boundary of two medium is called refraction. Total internal reflection and critical angle: The eye sees the cone of rays E1IE2 seem to coming out of the Tip of the image I. Plug the LAM into the smart device and enter Assignment Mode, choose the new fixture group, point the LAM at the light, and you’re done. Apparently there is someone at a nearby safe zone in need of help.

You’ll be using what we have discussed in both the position and light source sections. Refraction of Light Snell’s Law: The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of refraction.

After activating the second light trap, you will come upon two more traps. AO is the incident ray i. The boundary is where one medium meets another medium. At a greater angle of incidence light is totally internally reflected within the denser medium. In other words we define optics – the branch of physics that studies the physical properties of light. Use the adjacent telephone pole to climb up high enough to make the jump to the junction box.

Given figure illustrates this concept. A wooden spoon will call for very different light than a stainless steel cleaver, for instance. Science Stories Event Programme The International Year of Light will consist of coordinated activities on national, regional and international levels.

Physical optics is further divided into two parts namely wave optics and quantum optics.

List of peer reviewed literature journals

List of peer reviewed literature journals

List of peer reviewed literature journals

List of peer reviewed literature journals

This oftentimes consists of a box towards either the front or the end of the periodical, and contains publication information such as the editors of the journal, the publisher, the place of publication, the subscription cost and similar information. If you have used the previous four methods in trying to determine if an article is from a peer-reviewed journal and are still unsure, speak to your instructor.

Open Access dissemination of scientific information has been gaining momentum globally as this method enhances the author’s visibility, by getting cited frequently. If you do not see this type of statement in the first issue of the journal that you look at, examine the remaining journals to see if this information is included.

The article is more likely to be scientifically valid, reach reasonable conclusions, etc. Does the journal say that it is peer-reviewed? The following steps are suggested: Academic journals also encourage original work. Examining the publication to see if it is peer-reviewed.

Three categories of information resources: Does the article format approximate the following – abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, and references? As research becomes increasingly global, interdisciplinary and collaborative, you can make sure that critical research from around the world is not missed when you choose Scopus. Majority scholarly journals are science journals as they follow systematic way of writing, away from the subjective references and bias.

For example, Academic Search Complete has this feature on the initial search screen – click on the pertinent box to limit the search. Since Sciences can be defined as systematic body of knowledge that remains neutral universally and can be proved with evidences in the laboratories. The peer review helps the publisher that is, the editor-in-chief or the editorial board decide whether the work should be accepted, considered acceptable with revisions, or rejected.

Although some Science Journals are multidisciplinary, most journals are highly specialized and they publish articles related to specific scientific fields. They withstand the test of the time and accept challenges. Are the articles written by scholarly researchers in the field that the periodical pertains to?

If your journal title IS displayed, check to see if the journal is indicated as being refereed by having the symbol next to the title. Check the description of the index you are using. Science Journals may include various types of articles such as, letters, short communications, review articles, research articles, case reports, editorials, and other supplementary articles.

I would not want to do this job without it, and I intend to continue using it throughout my career. The rules and guidelines of article writing as well as formatting may vary with the type of the journal and the publisher. The State of California is the only U. Interpretation of research trends and issues Articles are usually brief; between pages Contain advertisements Frequent, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis Less frequent, on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis Frequent, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis Examples Time, US News and World Report, Modern Healthcare Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal How Can You Tell?

Consequently, articles may contain incorrect information. Learn how CiteScore annual values are calculated. More than ever, finding the right result is as important as uncovering trends, discovering sources and collaborators, and analyzing results to yield further insights. Availability of paid online scientific journals is out of the reach of young and intellectual scientists who cannot afford to access the data they require, thereby impeding the improvement of research.

Some databases allow you to limit searches for articles to peer reviewed journals only. He stated that a visiting physician had to make duplicate notes of a patient’s condition on every visit. This may take a variety of forms, including closely mimicking the scholarly peer review processes used in science and medicine.

This can be done by searching the database Ulrichsweb. Impartial review, especially of work in less narrowly defined or inter-disciplinary fields, may be difficult to accomplish, and the significance good or bad of an idea may never be widely appreciated among its contemporaries. Across all research fields — science, mathematics, engineering, technology, health and medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities — Scopus delivers a broad overview of global, interdisciplinary scientific information that researchers like you need.

Reports of new research findings are important to fuel novel assumptions and discoveries that can only be in existence through the publication of Science journals. There are generally four methods for doing this Limiting a database search to peer-reviewed journals only. Locate the masthead of the publication. Material indexed in Academic Search Premier includes both popular and scholarly literature.

Scopus features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe , through UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews , uses peer review, referred to as ‘peer learning’, to evaluate progress made by its member countries in improving their environmental policies.

The publisher of the index may include information on the types of periodicals indexed. This will allow the science community to be more updated with new developments in the field of science and consequently, expedite the process of resolving both existing and newly emerging issues. These usually meet over two days and include visits to local sites where the policy can be seen in operation.

Sometimes publications will include this information in only a single issue a year. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. If possible, examine the periodical. Add links This page was last edited on 14 January , at Find the official web site on the internet, and check to see if it states that the journal is peer-reviewed.

Science journals hence, consider articles that are written based on certain empirical evidences that are obtained as a result of laboratory testing or clinical investigations. Check in and around the masthead to locate the method for submitting articles to the publication. Resource Library About Scopus Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: Remember, many databases do not allow you to limit your search in this way.

If not, move on to step d. Researchers, academicians and experts of a particular discipline contribute their works for the Scholarly Journals. Also, consider the following: All titles are indexed in UlrichsWeb and Google Scholar.

Is advertising non-existent, or kept to a minimum? The comparative chart above has some criteria that you can use to make an educated guess about the type of journal. How do you determine whether an article qualifies as being a peer-reviewed journal article? This may not always be the case, so relying upon this criterion alone may prove inaccurate. But what are peer-reviewed or refereed or scholarly journal articles, and why do faculty require their use? Academic journals usually include information for contributors about the process of submitting articles for publication.

Not all information in a peer-reviewed journal is actually refereed, or reviewed. Book reviews, editorial opinion pieces, short news items etc.

If you answered these questions no, the journal is probably not peer-reviewed. Open Access Science Journals provide an unlimited, free access to the researched, scientific information to scholars, researchers, students and professionals, which enable them to copy, print, circulate innumerable number of copies at no cost. They are written following a well established research methodology and research framework. Newspapers and magazines containing news – Articles are written by reporters who may or may not be experts in the field of the article.

They are obviously highly analytical and descriptive with certain documental evidences like charts, figures, graphs and diagrams. Most of the material that appears in Humanities Abstracts is of a scholarly nature. If by using the first two methods you were unable to identify if a journal and an article therein is peer-reviewed, you may then need to examine the journal physically or look at additional pages of the journal online to determine if it is peer-reviewed.

In an attempt to maintain quality and ensure validity of the research being published, Science Journals subject the articles through a rigorous peer-review process, honoring copyrights. In most cases the reviewers do not know who the author of the article is, so that the article succeeds or fails on its own merit, not the reputation of the expert. Peer review requires a community of experts in a given and often narrowly defined field, who are qualified and able to perform reasonably impartial review.

Register for the Webinar CiteScore values are now available. Checking in the database Ulrichsweb. Are there references listed in footnotes or bibliographies? You can browse the list of journals under our management, or search for specific titles. Download the CiteScore metrics infographic Content You need to keep track of what’s happening in your research world. When the patient was cured or had died, the notes of the physician were examined by a local medical council of other physicians, who would decide whether the treatment had met the required standards of medical care.

Scientific Journals represent the collaborative efforts of many scientists and scholars from various disciplines.

Literature review exercises

Literature review exercises

Literature review exercises

Literature review exercises

Provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. From these articles it is possible to recognize names that reappear. This handout will provide some strategies for revising literature reviews. Organizing Literature Reviews Because literature reviews convey so much information in a condensed space, it is crucial to organize your review in a way that helps readers make sense of the studies you are reporting on.

This helps formulate ideas. A great way of keeping rhythm going in your writing. They are often the leading people in the field. Supervision is crucial to the efficacy of exercise programs. I can’t emphasize enough, a well written literature review must evaluate all the literature, must speak generally, with general concepts they have been able to lift from all the articles, and they must be able to evaluate and critically analyze each one, then link and make a flow of ideas.

As the writer composes the literature review, he or she must construct an argument of sorts to establish the necessity of his or her research.

Complying with pelvic floor exercises: However people often have trouble starting there so I would suggest that you: I think the student has gone to the supervisor generally because they see the supervisor as the expert, with some knowledge in the topic area.

Use the references in those articles, and for “snowballing” – bouncing back and going through the history of the topic area. When used for curative treatment, exercise diminishes disability and pain severity while improving fitness and occupational status in patients who have subacute, recurrent, or chronic low back pain. I would encourage students to do some drafting. There will be journals the post graduate supervisor can identify and there will be names of researchers, either in journal articles or books.

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice at bottom. Two common approaches to literature reviews are chronological—ordering studies from oldest to most recent—and topical—grouping studies by subject or theme. Rather than separate little boxes, each box representing an article, make a flow of ideas, generalize and use specifics from one or two articles to back up a statement. So when you are looking for key points when writing, do a search to get the abstracts in that key area.

From there trace back the references. The results show that exercise is effective in the primary and secondary prevention of low back pain. The drafting process is tiresome and many students feel that they can do it in one sitting and that is why they leave it to the last minute.

Gracemarie Mike Last Edited: Further studies are needed to determine which patient subsets respond to specific characteristics of exercise programs and which exercise volumes and intensities are optimal.

The resources available in this section provide the user with the materials that they would need to hold a writing workshop for graduate students. Questions for Revision 1 Is the literature review organized chronologically or by topic?

For students who haven’t done any writing before, there are a number of texts on writing theses available at the library or from your supervisor. Whether general or specific exercises are preferable is unclear, and neither is there clear evidence that one-on-one sessions are superior to group sessions.

Is the writer clear about which approach is being used in the review? This is necessary because when an examiner looks at a literature review they will expect to see certain names, leading names, and if they are not there you are not going to get the marks or approval.

It is important to do several drafts and I would, as part of my responsibility as a supervisor , comment on these drafts, give feed back and we would discuss it and move on to the next version. When writing the literature review. I think the supervisor has a major role in leading the student to the relevant literature.

This helps to organize it all. From Mr Aaron Coutts Lecturer in Exercise Biochemistry, School of Health and Human Performance While writing the discussion part of the literature review, defining your key points, keep the web browser open with SportDiscus for example. The writer must show what has been overlooked, understudied, or misjudged by previous studies in order to create space for the new research within an area of academic or scientific inquiry.

Works Consulted Galvan, Jose L. Patients with acute low back pain are usually advised to continue their everyday activities to the greatest extent possible rather than to start an exercise program. Don’t think you will come back to it later, because you never do. Tips and tricks from the experts From Dr Tony Ward Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategic Management, School of Marketing and Tourism keep complete and accurate records of everything read especially references identify referencing requirements and learn the style as soon as you can summarize every paper you read think holistically get the big picture do not be afraid to think ‘outside the square’ – it is your review so try to find your own insights rather than just copy previous work break the review into thematic sections, treat each thematic area as a ‘mini’ review The aim of a literature review is to find the relevant literature and read it.

Questions for Revision 1 Does the review mentions flaws, gaps, or shortcomings of specific studies or groups of studies? We evaluated several characteristics of exercise programs including specificity, individual tailoring, supervision, motivation enhancement, volume, and intensity. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue https: There are certain skills that are learnt from doing a literature review. While these resources do not target a particular kind of writing e.

Includes free Early-Journal Content, journals published before in the U. Pediatric Care Online Pediatric clinical knowledge system provides access to Point-of-Care Quick Reference, AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care, Bright Futures, Antimicrobial Therapy Guide, Visual Library, Pediatric Care Updates, and AAP policy statements. From Dr Peter Reaburn Triathlon Research Initiative, Head of School, School of Health and Human Performance Students will get a pile of articles and will regurgitate what article one said, what article two said.

Therefore, one of the key tasks for writers is to establish where gaps in current research lie. JSTOR Back issues of core scholarly journals in subjects including African-American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, classics, ecology, economics, education, finance, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, political science, population studies, sociology, and statistics.

Listen to your homework

Listen to your homework

Listen to your homework

Listen to your homework

Do this for all your assignments and you will probably see that it doesn’t take as long to do homework as you thought. Sarah February 7, at This way you won’t waste time flipping pages to find the answer or going online and getting distracted.

When you finish, write down the time again. I will look on and await some results before i say anything. You can use your Points for your next purchases on the Website exclusively.

Services may include editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, or formatting existing papers of our Clients. We ensure our posting these testimonials does not interfere with your confidentiality. Listening to words you understand can make it harder to concentrate on what you want to write. Make colorful charts, and diagrams to help speed up this process.

You agree not to engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein. If you are having trouble getting through a certain assignment and it takes a long time, temporarily switch to another assignment. It’s easier to recall something, if you remembered it under a similar environment, known as state-dependent learning.

Make time for breakfast and lunch. Read the textbook as many times as possible before you start your homework. In case you are not satisfied with any of the Services, you can submit a refund request according to these Terms within the Refund Period. If you get distracted easily, just dance it or jump it out! DISCOUNT POLICY We care about our Clients and are always looking for ways to offer them the best value for money.

A-Man February 28, at 7: If you can, try using a blocker to block these things and try not to get tempted. The study’s authors speculate that this could be because music boosts mood, improving motivation. I am so glad we have gotten the same results. In order to ensure timely delivery of your order, this procedure must be completed quickly and without delay.

You are still in the school learning mode, and it will be easier to remember all you have learned. On the break, do not start your reward or anything else that you might be tempted to use as an excuse to not go back to your homework. You agree to pay any such taxes that might be applicable to your use of the Services and payments made by you under these Terms. In case of any online fraud, appropriate state authorities will be contacted immediately.

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REVISIONS Any revision request or complaint in regards to a Paper that craftanessay. Make sure to eat healthy, small snacks for better brain function not to be drowsy. Do not sleep late and wake up early even if you can.

Margaret October 9, at All the links to this study are “for pay” but I have read it, and it does work for my sons as well as the other music they have on when doing homework. But this music can have a relaxing, soothing effect and is less distracting than music with lyrics. Turn off safe browse to show content that has been flagged by the community as not safe for work.

In other case craftanessay. Essentially, verification procedure involves, inter alia, confirming that the order is authentic and that the cardholder is aware of charges by placing a phone call to them, and in certain cases by requesting some additional documents to be submitted for verification to our Risk Department. COPYRIGHT The Paper provided to you by craftanessay. You consent to our processing your personal information for the purposes of providing the Services, including for verification purposes as set out herein.

Music may often help you concentrate; though try to avoid music with lyrics or very complex melodic progressions, as they may cause you to think more about the music than your homework. It is very distracting to me since I have synesthesia. It will help you stay organized and on task for motivation.

If you do homework with a friend, it’s easy to get off subject and not do work in time. While this may be an effective way to avoid sleep, be aware that using drugs in this manner may cause unwanted side effects, such as mild depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Don’t use food or treats as a reward, though – eating could lead to health and weight problems later — unless it’s a “free snack”: The discount may be obtained by the use of the promo code.

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You also consent to the use of such data for communicating with you, for statutory and accounting purposes. There’s plenty of help around – the Internet, parents, friends, etc. Margaret October 8, at What will happen is that you’ll say, “Oh, I’ll get up early the next morning to finish it. Write down motivational suggestions that work for you, to start homework or assessments.

I guess it depends whether you want to study with music in the background, or listen to music with a book in front of you! You will get bored, and the bed is so soft, you might fall asleep.

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Students frequently listen to music while studying to make the process less painful and, in some cases, because they believe music will help them learn.